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Join a creative and collaborative team that believes in producing media that centers the needs and voices of residents of the South Side of Chicago.

The Weekly is looking to hire two section editors, who will be responsible for shaping the editorial content for a specific section, commonly known as a “beat,” such as politics, arts (visual, music, theater), education, housing & development, and health. As a section editor, you will work closely—and virtually, for now—with the editor-in-chief, managing editor, and senior editors to set the overall focus of the newsroom and its coverage.

The Weekly is a teaching paper, and core to that philosophy is supporting anyone who wants to contribute. Each piece is edited by three different editors and fact-checked for accuracy. As section editor, one of your main responsibilities will be to take lead on stories in your section, shepherding each writer through the editing process and ensuring that each contribution is thoroughly edited and fact-checked before publication (or delegating that work to another editor and making sure it crosses the finish line). 

Primary editors are the main point of contact with our writers, making sure they meet deadlines and are getting editorial support. You’ll be working with writers and journalists of all skill levels and backgrounds, and you will need to provide appropriate mentorship as needed. 


These will be part-time positions for 10 hours per week with pay equivalent to $23/hour. 

Work schedule 

Workload and time commitment varies from week to week. It will be heavier every other week when we have production and on months with special issues like the annual Best of the South Side. Outside of recurring meetings and production nights, you will be responsible for making your own schedule. This is a fully remote position but you will have the option to work at the office and attend occasional in person meetings and events. 


The position is for a period of 11 months from February to December 2023. We understand that people’s commitments and responsibilities may change over the course of the term and may need to end earlier. If that happens, we just ask editors to do their best to wrap up open projects. 

Responsibilities & Expectations 

  • Be the primary editor of stories in your section (1-3 stories per month)
  • Report and write stories in your section (3-5 stories over the course of the 11 months)
  • Attend and contribute to the following meetings: (monthly commitment: 6-8 hours)
    • Weekly meetings with the editorial team about the upcoming print issue
    • Monthly pitch meetings open to all contributors
    • Monthly editorial leadership meetings to discuss long-term projects/goals
  • Help with general edits every other Monday evening during the Weekly’s remote production night on Slack, and shepherd stories in your section to completion
  • Submit two or more original pitches for your section each month 
  • Contribute events in your section to the calendar 
  • Plan and lead production of a special issue in your section
  • Work with the editorial team to optimize the editing process with an eye to the Weekly’s evolving needs

You should apply if…

  • You’re interested in doing more editing in a supportive environment
  • You’re interested in pitching stories for and planning coverage of a specific section
  • You’re interested in mentoring and helping writers of all skill levels and backgrounds report and write stories
  • You’re interested in seeing what it’s like to work in a newsroom


The Weekly considers itself a teaching paper and has always created space for learning on the job. So, while a qualified candidate will have some prior writing and editing experience, we have designed these positions for candidates who are looking to grow as editors and writers.

To that end, the position will involve some required training during the first two months of the onboarding phase. We welcome candidates with a wide range of backgrounds and experience levels to apply, and there are no formal education requirements. If you meet even 3 out of 5 of the below qualifications, please consider applying!

  • ½ -1 year of editing experience, in any setting.
  • 1-2 years of writing experience, preferably in a setting where your work was being edited.
  • ½ -1 year experience working with community organizations or local media.
  • A strong interest in and commitment to learning about the section you are applying for. (You don’t have to be an expert, but you should be knowledgeable.)
  • Intimate knowledge of Chicago’s South Side. (A strong applicant will either be from the South Side or currently live on the South Side.)

In addition to the above qualifications, the Weekly expects all candidates to be organized and reliable when it comes to communicating with team members. Section editors are expected to support up-and-coming journalists, and past formal or informal experience in teaching, mentorship, or peer-to-peer learning is a plus. Proficiency with digital tools like Slack, Airtable, and Google Drive is also appreciated, but we can also teach you!

The South Side Weekly is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage people with a wide range of skills and experiences to apply. 

The deadline is January 15, at 11:59pm.

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