Job Description:

The lead visuals editor manages the Weekly’s team of visual editors and artists and is responsible for making sure that every story has at least one visual element (photo, illustration, map, or data visualization) and every issue has a cover. The lead visuals editor is an important part of the editorial team, and works with the editor-in-chief, managing editor, and layout editor to create the visual identity of each print issue.

The total amount of work can vary from week to week, with more work expected during production (every other week), especially when we publish special issues. You will be expected to attend a weekly meeting with the editor-in-chief and managing editor to plan each issue, delegate assignments to members of the visuals team, and put out a visuals call to our listhost of artists and photographers.

Together with the other visual editors, you will be in communication with writers and primary editors to determine what kind of art is needed for each story. You will also be expected to offer guidance to artists as they pick up assignments and suggest edits as needed.


  • Keep track of upcoming articles and make sure we have a visual for every story
  • Attend a weekly planning meeting with managing editor and editor-in-chief
  • Communicate with section editors and/or primary editors to determine appropriate visuals for each story 
  • Delegate editorial responsibilities to other members of the visuals team
  • Send out weekly visuals calls to the listhost
  • Make final edits to the issue cover as needed
  • Make sure all visuals and accompanying captions are edited and uploaded to the visuals drive by Monday evening during production weeks
  • Onboard new contributors to the visuals team 
  • Work with the editorial team to optimize the visuals process with an eye on the Weekly’s evolving needs

Skills & Qualifications:

  • Adobe Photoshop experience is required. Some Illustrator and InDesign experience is strongly preferred. (You will be expected to do basic photo editing and graphic design)
  • An ideal candidate is someone that is organized, good at communicating, and creative! 
  • Background in visual arts strongly preferred.

Time Commitment:

25hrs/month. Workload varies from week to week and will be heavier during weeks that we have production and months that we have special issues like Best of the South Side. You should be available via Slack every other Monday evening during the Weekly’s production night. The position is for a period of six months from June 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023. After this period, you may have the option to extend for an additional six months if there is mutual agreement.


$500/month paid bi-weekly


May 14, 11:59pm

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