Comics Issue 2019 | Features | Food

Church Business

Sanctuary Cafe was supposed to be a much-needed space for the marginalized, but it lasted just two years. What went wrong?

by Helena Duncan

Pilsen | Religion

A Church in Limbo: Vying for St. Adalbert’s Future

What the fight to save one Pilsen landmark says about how the Archdiocese closes churches

by Irene Romulo, Juanpablo Ramirez-Franco, Malik Alim, Jenny Casas

Pilsen | Religion

Una iglesia en el limbo: la carrera por el futuro de San Adalberto

Lo que la lucha por salvar los monumentos históricos de Pilsen dice de cómo la Arquidiócesis cierra iglesias.

by Irene Romulo, Juanpablo Ramirez-Franco, Malik Alim, Jenny Casas

Photo Essay | Pilsen | Religion

Pilsen’s Via Crucis: Tradition Amid Change

This annual reenactment of Jesus’s last days, involving all the neighborhood’s Catholic churches, is one of Chicago’s largest

by Juanpablo Ramirez-Franco, Max Herman

Pilsen | Religion

Churches in Pilsen

Illustrating the close ties of the neighborhood’s Catholic communities

by Irene Romulo, Malik Alim

Development | Features | History | Politics | Woodlawn

Where Are You Going, Woodlawn?

At a community celebration, residents and visitors consider the neighborhood’s next chapter

by Max Budovitch

Development | Features | History

The Fight to Remain

A new affordable housing complex at 63rd and Cottage Grove has Woodlawn’s low-income residents wondering about their place in the neighborhood

by Max Budovitch

Development | Features | Woodlawn

On the Corner

At the intersection of 63rd & Cottage Grove, developers are shaping Woodlawn’s future by curating its past

by Max Budovitch

Beverly | Business

Building Fellowship in Beverly

Small businesses find ways to recreate the Main Street feeling

by Janaya Crevier

Environmental Justice

Tying the Green New Deal to Environmental Justice on the South Side

At a meeting in Brighton Park, the growing youth-led national Sunrise Movement made a case to local organizers

by Rebecca Stoner

Labor | Pullman

Remembering Labor’s History

Commemorating the Pullman Strike on its 125th anniversary

by Helena Duncan


Local Businesses Cash In on Black Chicago Festivals But Won’t Back Them

The Silver Room and the Chosen Few DJs talk logistics, cost, and reciprocity

by The Triibe

Bronzeville | Housing

A Space of His Own

The decade Richard Wright spent in Chicago was packed with life transitions and centered by his initiation into becoming a Chicago writer

by Kristen Jere Simmons


The Last Days of Rezkoville’s Purgatory

A long-empty swath of land south of the Loop is the latest site of a planned mega-development

by Ryan Smith

Elections | Politics

Turning Out

Organizers discuss how to get youth invested in local elections

by Jade Yan

Development | Stage & Screen

Facing Fate

'The Area' is a complex, issue-driven documentary analyzing the erasure of a neighborhood, and shining a light on the meaning of community

by LaToya Cross

Justice | Stage & Screen

Between Reform and Retribution

Stateville Calling looks at one man's fight against a failed justice system

by Wendy Random

Justice | Visual Arts

A Symbol of Healing

An art exhibit from the Chicago Torture Justice Memorials showcases proposals for the final piece of promised reparations

by Helena Duncan


An Education in City Planning

Students at Lindblom Math and Science Academy make no small plans for improving their city

by Adam Przybyl

Health | Health care

Hospital Withdrawal

In Chicago, many people with opioid use disorder avoid going to the hospital for fear of becoming dopesick

by Mari Cohen


Ice Breakers

A West Side hockey program encourages kids to overcome barriers on and off the ice

by Isi Frank Ativie


The Sonic Chemistry of Isaiah Collier

The saxophonist talks to the Weekly about his new album and musical déjà vu

by Krishna Kulkarni

Education | Fashion

We Real Cool

Betty Shabazz students flaunt DesMoney-designed uniforms

by Rod Sawyer

Bridgeport | Development | Politics

A Starbucks is Born

Bridgeport residents protest the forthcoming coffee chain

by Rebecca Stoner

Features | History | Parks | South Shore

A Palace for the People

South Shore residents continue a long fight to make the South Shore Cultural Center a space for community arts

by Jeanne Lieberman