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Why Is CPS Closing NTA?

Before NTA conversion proposal, emails reveal multiyear history to the plans for a new neighborhood high school

by Daniel Moattar

Education | Features

Losing Harper High School

In a good school-bad school paradigm, Harper High School’s rich hundred-plus-year history risks being forgotten

by Eleanore Catolico

Education | Media

Don't Stop the Presses

Teachers are fighting to keep journalism education alive—despite the odds

by Ashvini Kartik-Narayan

Agriculture | Animals

A City of Hen-Keepers

The joys and challenges of keeping backyard chickens

by Tammy Xu


Room for Community

Why South Side coffee shops offer more than the usual fare

by Amy Qin, Claudia Fernandez

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Shifting Fronts in Bail Reform

Despite reform efforts, the pretrial detention system still causes harm

by Kiran Misra


In the Rough

Residents remain dissatisfied with plans for expanded Tiger Woods golf course

by Jonathan Ballew

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At the Mayor's Door

Opponents to South Side school closures march in protest to Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s North Side home

by Olivia Obineme

Housing | Lit

Mythologies of Place

High-Risers author Ben Austen talks inspiration, writing style, and recording history

by Erisa Apantaku, Adam Przybyl


Where Do I Send My Kids?

Three CPS educators on why they want their kids to attend public schools

by Rachel Kim