Robocalls Mislead on Welcoming City Amendment

Anonymous robocalls poll recipients’ support for Ald. Ray Lopez’s (15th) proposed amendment to the Welcoming City Ordinance, but understate the scope of Lopez’s proposal


We just launched Best of the South Side (BoSS), where South Siders get a chance to showcase their favorite people, places, events, and oddities in their neighborhoods. This year we’re taking submissions year-round, so that we never miss an opportunity to capture a story. Learn more here at our BoSS homepage.

Book Reviews

The Gospel of the Nap Bishop

Tricia Hersey continues to champion the freedom and grief that comes with resting and dreaming in Rest Is Resistance: A Manifesto.

What Happened to the Tudor Gables?

This is a series co-produced with the Hyde Park Herald, profiling a historic Black-owned housing cooperative on Drexel Boulevard.

Part 1: The Castle on Drexel

Part 2: The Multi-Million-Dollar Corporation

Part 3: What’s to Come for the 4800 Block of South Drexel Boulevard?

Listen to the full series

Dying and Disabled Illinois Prisoners Kept Behind Bars

The Joe Coleman Medical Release Act was expected to have freed hundreds of terminally ill and medically incapacitated prisoners in Illinois by now, but only a few dozen have been released

‘This is How You Do It Right’

Environmental activists on the last couple of years, the progression of their organizing, and what they want to see next

‘Girl, You Wrote That!’

Some StreetWise vendors don’t just sell the magazine–they write for it

South Siders Maintain High Hopes for Brandon Johnson

Most South Side precincts supported Lightfoot in February 2023. Today, they are watching to see if Johnson will address their continued concerns on public safety, the environment, and education


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  1. I’m a board member-producer and was not called for comment but equally enraged. The new chair, Anna Ninoyu and Darrius…

  2. We’re senior citizen. seeking financial help to replace items lost due to our bsmt flooded on July 2nd,3rd 2023. water…

  3. Well at lease the building didn’t get demolished like so much of Chicago has been in the last 20 years!…