Best of the South Side

  • Best Recording Studio Best Irish Import Shop Best Memorial ount Greenwood is a place full of dichotomies, where the living co-exist with

  • Best Clock Tower Best African American Labor History Museum Best Restorative Justice Experiment Through Urban Community Gardening Best Place to Get Your

  • Best Punk Rock Librarian Best New Restaurant Best Use of Public Space Best Preschool in an Old Salvation Army Building With a

  • Best Coffee Shop Best Atmosphere Best South Side Storyteller Best Community Development Do-Over ince his eight-year-old daughter turned him on to TikTok

  • Best Immigrant and Workers’ Rights Organization Best Local Condiment Best Summer Arts Fest ew Chicagoans seem to know the East Side exists. 

  • Best Advocate for Local Business Best Triangle Best Park Named for a Chicago Mayor hen outsiders think of Chicago, they likely envision

  • Best Place for Solace and Creativity Best Tennis Club Best Space to Share Cultural Wealth Best Regenerative Epicenter Best Fancy Night Out

  • Best Stroll Into the Past Best Spot for Cheetos, Milk, and Chit-chat Best Roots Festival Best LGBTQ+ Network Best Community-Oriented Church Best

  • Best Startup Best Local Activist Best Community Pushback he rest of Chicago seems light years away whenever I’m in Hegewisch, visiting my

  • Best Colombian Food on the Southwest Side Best SSA Mural Best Paletas to Chase as a Small Child Best Bakery For Your

  • Best Samaritan Best Place to Pick Up Diapers Best Garden That Could t was October 1981, and already Chicago-chilly, as my mom

  • Best Bird-Themed Mini Golf Course Best Daughter of the Neighborhood In Bloom Best Pop-up BBQ Pastor Phil Jackson has been working with

  •   Best Wellness One-Stop Best Wait for a Good Meal Best Place to Catch a Good Vibe f you stand on the

  • Best Community Advocacy Organization Best Wall Best Culture Event Best Dessert Best Festivities on Water and Land hen I think of Chinatown,

  • Best Childhood Memories of Tacos Best Spot to Rebuild Gage Park’s Historically Disinvested Library Best Childhood Tamal Best Movie Theater to Renovate

  • Best Park to Pet Dogs That Aren’t Yours Best Place To Cloud Watch/Best Hill To Roll Down Best New Student Center Made

  • hile we managed to get through 2021 feeling more hopeful than the previous year, it would be disingenuous to say that things

  • Best Corner Best Customer Service Best Win (Worst) Repurposing of a School Best Potential his shared introduction comes at an interesting time

  • In Memoriam: Best Newsletter Writer Best Grassroots Sports Scene Best and Longest-Tenured Waitstaff Best Egg Bill Gerstein is the former owner of

  • Best Milkshake Maker Best Recreational Sports League Best Restaurant Soon to Be Open Best Pandemic Community Building hat makes Back of the

  • Best Local Activism Best Place to Cool off in the Summer Best Play Area cKinley Park is a predominantly Latinx working-class neighborhood

  • Best Supermarket Best Bakery Best Pastor Tacos Best Botánica t may be described as a “melting pot” of cultures, but in these

  • Best South Side-Themed Candles Best Gourmet Popcorn Best Freecycle Group Best Roaming Comedy Show efore Europeans settled what is now Chicago, the

  • Best Mexican American Brunch Best Hot Dog Stand Best Healing Space Best Tortas Best Plant Pop-Up t was already hard for many