Luke White

18th Street in Pilsen. Photo © Luke Sironski-White

The South Side Weekly is a nonprofit newsprint magazine and radio show dedicated to supporting cultural and civic engagement on the South Side, and to providing educational opportunities for developing journalists, writers, and artists.

We publish in-depth coverage of the arts and issues of public interest alongside oral histories, poetry, fiction, interviews, and artwork from local photographers and illustrators.

The Weekly is produced by an all-volunteer editorial staff and seeks contributions from across the city. We distribute the paper each Wednesday in the fall, spring, and winter, with short breaks during March and December. Over the summer we publish bi-weekly. A full map of our distribution network is available here.

If you have submissions, story ideas, comments, or questions, you can reach us by phone at (773) 234-5388, by email at editor@southsideweekly.com, or by mail at:

Attn: South Side Weekly

Experimental Station

6100 S. Blackstone Ave.
Chicago, IL 60637

For information about advertising, check out our media kit or call (773) 234-5388.


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Editor-in-Chief Adam Przybyl
Managing Editors Sam Joyce, Sam Stecklow
Deputy Editor Jasmine Mithani
Senior Editors Julia AizussChristian Belanger, Mari Cohen, Christopher Good,  Rachel Kim, Emeline Posner, Olivia Stovicek

Food & Land Editor AV Benford
Education Editor Ashvini Kartik-Narayan, Michelle Anderson
Politics Editor Jim Daley
Music Editor Atavia Reed
Stage & Screen Editor
Nicole Bond
Visual Arts Editor Roderick Sawyer

Contributing Editors Mira Chauhan, Joshua Falk, Carly Graf, Ian Hodgson, Bea Malsky, Rachel Schastok, Robin Mosely Vaughn, Jocelyn Vega, Tammy Xu, Jade Yan

Data Editor Jasmine Mithani
Radio Executive Producer Erisa Apantaku
Social Media Editors Grace Asiegbu, Arabella Breck, Maya Holt
Visuals Editor Lizzie Smith
Deputy Visuals Editor Siena Fite, Mell Montezuma, Sofie Lie
Photo Editor Keeley Parenteau

Fact-Checking Leader Tammy Xu
Fact Checkers Abigail Bazin, Susan Chun, Sam Joyce, Elizabeth Winkler
Staff Photographers milo bosh, Jason Schumer
Staff Illustrators Siena Fite, Natalie Gonzalez, Katherine Hill, Courtney Kendrick, Kamari Roberston

Webmaster Pat Sier
Managing Director Jason Schumer

Board of Directors

Director (Alternate Staff Liaison, Non-Voting) Erisa Apantaku
 Ben Austen
Director Harry Backlund
Director (Treasurer, Staff Liaison) Jasmine Mithani
Director (Chair) Kirstin Smith
Director (Secretary and Vice Chair) Rachel Wiseman