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This year’s Best of the South Side, our first as the South Side Weekly, aims to map out those parts of the South Side that make this place what it is: a home for more than a million, a place that—were it an independent municipality, from Roosevelt Road down south to 138th Street—would be the tenth largest city in the country. Here are the restaurants, intersections, bars, parks, churches, and landmarks that make this city a “side,” unite us as a community and renew our love for this place we call home. It’s here, on Cottage and King, 18th and Stony, that Sandburg’s City of the Big Shoulders lives and works, and indeed storms and brawls. There are problems, to be sure, but come and show us another place with lifted head singing, so proud to be alive.

Auburn Gresham
Back of the Yards
Far Southeast Side
Far Southwest Side
Hyde Park
South Loop
South Shore & Greater Grand Crossing
Washington Park & Woodlawn

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  1. I liked your edition of the ‘best of the south side’. I found it very informing and entertaining. I was introduced to your publications from a vending box near the calumet fishery. My friend also enjoyed it so much he would like to start distributing your magazine in his news stand.I think it would be beneficial for both of you. Being the largest ward in Chicago (10th). His name is Mr. Anaya and his cell # is 773-744-9796. Thank you

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