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Focusing on the Outcome

efore the coronavirus pandemic, Lyk Se7N had a plan. “Right now, the goal is: make this music, make these hits, make whatever and touch others, touch the community and keep the community moving, and go to college at the same time, come back and deliver the same thing,” he said one afternoon back in mid-February.  […]

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Book Review: ‘The South Side’

n the summer, sometimes I prefer to read non-fiction books where I can dive into one particular topic and re-emerge a bit more knowledgeable. The South Side, an acclaimed 2016 book by Natalie Moore, is one such example; an account of segregation on Chicago’s South Side written in an accessible style and conversational tone.  Moore […]

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¿Qué pasa en los distritos? La respuesta de los concejales al coronavirus

Originally published on April 28, 2020, in English Traducido por Gisela Orozco as juntas del Concilio Municipal ahora son por internet; las oficinas de los distritos se encuentran (generalmente) cerradas. La votación del 24 de abril para concederle a la alcaldesa Lori Lightfoot poder tributario para gastos de emergencia ocasionó un debate amargo. Entonces, ¿exactamente […]