The taste of the vodka is strong and burning not smooth like the Patron, I had gotten use to. Without it getting through the day would be harder. It seemed like the million dollars flowed as easily and surely as the Dimitri going into my breakfast glass. For the life of me I don’t remember where it all went.

I know we had good times. My mama still has the house and my girl still has her Lexus. All seven of my grand babies had fur coats. Now they have out grown them.

Today, I’m hustling asthma pumps under the 47th Green Line for $4.00 a pop. Glad the cops don’t seem to mind. Damn, where did the money go? I’ll never make a million off this hustle. Thank God, for the Salvation Army soup truck. It’s 6:00 PM dreary and cold, slush all around my feet but the truck ain’t here yet. I guess they must be on Cottage. I need more cash. It won’t be long till I get my social security.

All of these people going in and out of ARISTO. I know they just be making money. I don’t want to stick up this bitch. I ain’t that damn drunk not to realize how embarrassing it’ll be to go back to jail. Besides, they can ID me. People are laughing at me anyway. I know it – the way I blew that money.

Yeah Bobby, that’s right “Nobody wants you when you’re down and out”

My man Squirrel is still my man. People buy that Shea Butter. Big Rick, is my main dog. People buy those squares too. We put our ends together.

I gotta do something else. This ain’t getting it. Good thing Rick is still getting his VA check. I was riding high before my Hummer got repo-ed.

Umph! There goes Honey! Got the nerve not to want me. Fucking Crack head! Any Joe with money is good enough for her as long as they got the money. Hoe! I ‘m sorry I bought her that Beamer. If it wasn’t for going back to jail, I’d kick her ass again. Strutting because she got that peace bond.

Man, I wished I had that money. Should have listen to my first attorney.

Oou, Not Bad! Got almost fifty left! Now, I can wrap it up for home and drink my Patron. It’s Christmas. First, I’ll stop and give this to Lil Tony. He’s four and won’t know it’s a knock off.

Tomorrows a “nother” day

✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

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