Best of the South Side 2014 | Little Village

Best Bilingual Refuge: Librería Girón

On 26th Street—where the eye is attacked with displays of quinceañera dresses so incredibly pink that they melt your eyeballs—it is easy to miss the understated black awning announcing the presence of Librería Girón.  Were it not for an intriguing (and misleading) subtitle that caught my eye—“Discoteca International”—I would have passed right by the Librería’s unassuming storefront. Continue reading

Bridgeport | Chinatown | Pilsen | Politics

Fight Over Flight

The vicious debate over the Halsted heliport



At 2420 South Halsted Street, a heliport is set to break ground. Perched on the border of Bridgeport and Pilsen, the project is not alone—less than two and a half miles away, a Vertiport has begun to sprout thanks to sponsorship from Mayor Rahm Emanuel. That port will be built near Stroger Hospital, and will be used mostly for medical needs, although the city plans on opening it to corporate charters as well. Continue reading

Hyde Park | Lit

Art out of the Dark

David Stuart MacLean reveals his hard-fought memoir


On October 17, 2002, David Stuart MacLean awoke in a train station in India with no memory of the past. “I stood still,” he writes in his memoir, “The Answer to the Riddle is Me”. “I had no idea who I was. This fact didn’t panic me at first, I didn’t know enough to panic. I could feel a heavy absence in my brain like a static cloud.”  Continue reading