Best of the South Side 2017 | Bronzeville

Best of Bronzeville 2017

The interior of aplomb, a vintage store celebrating African American culture at Boxville (Jason Schumer)

Historically, Bronzeville is known for its high volume of Black residents, many of whom originally came to Chicago during the Great Migration, between 1910 and 1920. I know Bronzeville best for what these residents did once they got here, making the neighborhood a mecca for arts and culture. Colorful tributes made through murals, statues, and structural art can be seen driving along popular boulevards and avenues. The architectural structures found in Bronzeville are just as breathtaking as its tribute to art and culture, with many mansions, three-flats, and greystone homes to admire as you make your way along the streets. Many valued and well known contributors to African American history have called these buildings and this neighborhood home: Gwendolyn Brooks, Ida B. Wells, Nat King Cole, Dr. Margaret Burroughs, Bessie Coleman, Louis Armstrong, Robert Abbott, and Dr. Daniel Hale Williams top a constantly growing list of brilliant people.


Today’s Cure, Tomorrow’s Music

Sitting down with South Side a cappella group The Remedy

Turtel Onli

Over the summer, The Remedy, an a capella R&B group of four self-taught singers from the South Side, received some unexpected appreciation when a video of their performance at the Jackson Blue Line station went viral. The group’s members, Jeremy, Karon, Fresh, and Cody, have been performing together for over ten years now and show no signs of slowing down. I had the pleasure of meeting with the group to talk about where they’re going, and how that’s impacted by where—and who—they’ve been.