The DGainz Saga

Behind the scenes with the South Side's foremost music video director


Walking down the block / Sippin’ on that pop,” Enyce freestyled the first lines of his song “Life Good (Soda Pop)” last summer at his producer and director DGainz’s house. DGainz helped Enyce turn those two lines into a full song and video that garnered national attention and a Pitchfork “Best New Music” award. Enyce and DGainz form an unlikely duo—a twelve-year-old kid from the West Side paired with the 26-year-old producer who produced a string of videos that helped to catapult then sixteen-year-old Chief Keef to worldwide fame.  Continue reading


Improvised interruption

Joseph Clayton Mills’s experimental sound

Courtesy of the artist.

Ten years ago, Joseph Clayton Mills sat on a squeaky chair in his apartment, fresh off a leave of absence from his PhD program in English at Northwestern University. Mills was preparing to play a duet—he on the hurdy gurdy, a medieval French instrument, and his friend Jonathan Chen on the violin. But the squeaks on his chair kept on interrupting their music. Instead of ditching the chair, though, they decided to ditch the hurdy gurdy. The result was a short improvisation with Mills playing the chair and Chen the violin.  Continue reading