Shining a Light in all the Wrong Places

Notes from the 6/19/19 issue

Mayor Lori Lightfoot made some headlines in the last couple of weeks for exchanging words with the FOP, the city’s largest police union: first with one of its vice presidents at a City Council meeting in which she accused the union of not being true partners in her effort for police reform, and later circulating a rumor that the union had instructed officers to “do nothing” over Memorial Day weekend (over which Lightfoot organized a heavily-promoted and ultimately unsuccessful anti-violence initiative). The spats are fun to watch for a certain kind of city politics-watcher, but coverage of actual, substantive issues around the CPD has been overshadowed.


Grad Workers Deserve a Union

Notes from the 6/5/2019 issue

Graduate workers at the University of Chicago, who voted to unionize over a year and a half ago, walked off the job Monday morning in protest of a university administration that has continued to refuse to recognize the union. Under the banner of Graduate Students United (GSU), hundreds of graduate workers formed picket lines outside major campus buildings, shutting several down entirely.

Robeson Issue

The Robeson Issue

In February 2018, the Chicago Board of Education voted to close Englewood’s remaining four neighborhood high schools. Three of them would be dissolved over the next three years, but Paul Robeson High School, which opened in 1977, would be demolished in the summer of 2018, and in its place, a new high school built. The New Englewood STEM High School will open its doors to Englewood freshmen this fall.