Summer Guide 2017

South Side Summer Festivals

Hyde Park Jazz Fest (Marc Monaghan)

No one needs to be told anymore that Chicago is a city of neighborhoods, but we just can’t help ourselves—the summer, especially, is when our communities shine. Whether it’s a traditional outdoors neighborhood festival thronged with residents and face-painted children, or a low-key, low-priced music fest uniting enthusiasts across geography, or a block party dedicated to your favorite form of local arts and education, these seasonal celebrations draw deeply from what the South Side has to offer.

Summer Guide 2017

South Side Summer Programs

Jonathan Jardin

The ten-day countdown until the end of the public school year begins today. After a stressful few weeks of wondering whether or not Chicago Public School would finish out the year, or close three weeks early, Chicago students will be getting out of school on schedule, on June 20. But for many families, now another struggle begins—the struggle to keep kids occupied and engaged through these long summer days. This guide features some of the camps and youth programs that South Side kids can attend this summer, with opportunities for dancing, building robots, swimming, and growing.

Nature Issue 2017

The Nature Issue 2017

Dena Springer

Close your eyes and imagine standing in the same spot 150 years ago, in the mid-nineteenth century. Chicago didn’t exist then as it does today; the city was a new invention, with its sidewalks, two-flats, and street lights that turn the sky a dusky orange. Chicago was born from its ashes, from the graveyard of the prairie. It’s easy to forget that we live with nature in the city; with every new skyscraper or pour of concrete, what’s left of the wild is further obscured. But through building our environment, we become an integral part of our ecological community. Chicago embodies the two biggest, and opposing, forces in the natural world—change and resiliency—as it grows while maintaining its essence.

Nature | Nature Issue 2017 | Parks

The Eyes, Ears, and Voices of the Parks

All public parks in Chicago can have stewards, volunteers who takes care of the wildlife and perform public outreach. The Weekly spoke to five of them.

L-R: Heather Breems, Jennifer Raber, Katie Flores, Jerry Levy, Alison Anastasio (Rohan Patrick McDonald)

Alison Anastasio and Jennifer Raber, Rainbow Beach Dunes Stewards