Bridgeport | Food | Food Issue 2019

Spicy Chicken for the Soul

Bridgeport's Big Boss Spicy Fried Chicken

Davon Clark

Graffiti adorns Bridgeport’s newest (and only) fried chicken restaurant, but don’t worry—it’s open. Situated just south of Archer and Halsted, the colorful storefront of Big Boss Spicy Fried Chicken is hard to miss. The interior follows a similar design, with spray-paint motifs and illustrations of cartoon chickens and ambiguous creatures (are they rabbits or dogs?) dressed like chickens.

Beverly | Housing Issue 2019

Home Histories: American System-Built Homes

Beverly residents enjoy the legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright’s affordable housing designs

Lily Cozzens

In the middle of a beautiful—if unassuming—area of Beverly sit two relics from one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most important projects. Before the Guggenheim, before Fallingwater, the master architect was trying to tackle a more pervasive issue: affordable housing. “I would rather solve the small house problem than build anything else I can think of,” Wright commented in the January 1938 issue of Architectural Forum.


The Guide for the Zoning Perplexed

A new handbook seeks to empower community members by explaining public land use

milo bosh

Standing between Archer and Wentworth Avenues, the Chinatown Public Library is an architectural marvel—a two-story structure of steel and glass designed in accordance with the principles of Feng Shui. Natural light pours into the all-white atrium, which features a splashy lotus-inspired mural on the second floor. You could be forgiven for thinking it was an art museum.