Close your eyes. Think of what the South Side looks like. Take a moment to reflect on your own experiences and biases.

Now think of what the South Side sounds like. Give it a second. 

Hear the joy, hear the enthusiasm; what you hear is South by SouthEast (SxSE).

Launched in 2019, SxSE is a local audio and video podcast created by wife and husband Christa and Mike Alvarez. They have hope, and they carry the dream of all that the Southeast Side can be in their work. 

The couple have lived on the Southeast Side all their lives. Christa has a background in journalism while Mike has a background in audio engineering. So, what do you get when a journalist and sound engineer get married? A kick ass podcast. 

Food reviews, community interviews, local businesses, and the positivity happening is what you’ll be introduced to. Their podcast highlights the gems in our backyard, and shows why it’s important to remind the community of what we have. They support mom and pop shops, show off the talent in the community, and tell you why  you should listen to the stories of the community. The dynamic duo partners locally to support community events, music fests, and have some of my favorite community merchandise. They put their heart into the Southeast Side and it shows.

Tune in to the South by SouthEast podcast on all major streaming platforms.

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