Whether you’ve got a busted kneecap or tire, Mr. Leroy of Bike Clinic provides you with a summer experience that keeps your wheels spinning. The Black-owned bike shop, established about twenty years ago, is run by the street and self-proclaimed “Bike Man”, Mr. Leroy, who has always given a free, tactile look to any bike, whether a tadpole of a vehicle or a full-blown toad of transportation. Parts and physical needs, such as air for your tires, chains, or brake replacements, are available for purchase at a very reasonable price. With much available in stock, this one-man pit-stop crew gets you in and out on the road. When asked about the mission of his shop, Mr. Leroy humorously answers: “To keep everybody rolling.” 

The peace-driven, old-school Mr. Leroy welcomes visitors with a gentle hand wave or nod of approval. Holding used and vintage bikes as well as new road dusters, a deal can be found and made for you. Surrounded by other fresh businesses, neighborhood voyeurs will stop by to see the process of motorcycle gangs greasing up for their grind. No stranger to this community, Leroy has spent two decades shedding “wheels of wisdom” and “locks of light” for children, adults, and adults who first came into the store as children. Huffys and fixies, bike galore, this shop grants all mechanical needs for a pedestrian to explore. Rest up for water or a quick tire check, then head to trails and paths on the approaching corners. Be sure to stop by for the safest and best-prepared experience. With no appointment necessary and only a short tripaway, the Bike Clinic is a seasonal necessity.

Bike Clinic, 2221 E. 71st St. Monday–Saturday, 11am–6pm. Closed Sundays. (773) 955-2028.

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