Photo by E'mon Lauren

From sunny eggs to hams and buttered grits, this breakfast house has it all. Since its opening in 1980, L&G’s  mission has always been to serve the community—whether by providing locals with first-time customer service gigs, or with hot maple-syruped, made-to-order service. Sitting adjacent to the 75th & Exchange Metra train stop, L&G gives early morning commuters a place to break their fast with an early bird special, or a cup of joe at the window booth while jukebox tunes play on. Waitresses with smiles and coffee pots bring conversation and advice that a lone and hungry decision-maker may need.

A star menu item—and southern classic—is their fried pork chop breakfast. One or two deliciously crispy and golden fried pork chops come with hash browns, two eggs (any style) with cheese of your choice, and white, wheat, or rye toast. For a less caloric choice, pork chops can also be grilled, with the option of rice and gravy instead of potatoes. These traditional fixings are made with quality ingredients and served in fair portion sizes—with a full tray of food, this $15-17 breakfast can put you well over into lunchtime. Meat is not your thing? Not a problem for this full-house, family friendly restaurant. Any request for a “no-cheese” or vegetarian option can be answered through omelets and sandwiches. At their diner countertop, opposite photos of neighborhood patrons and supporters on the entry wall, morning and lunchtime stories are served up with food every day. L&G leaves mouths full, doors open, and the hearts of its neighborhood beaming. With breakfast all day, warm plates will always be served your way.

L&G Restaurant, 2632 E. 75th St. 6am–2pm. $2–$20. (773) 374-3098.

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