Photo by Silvia Morales

Located near Cermak and Albany, in the heart of Little Village, Del Pueblo Barbers and Records is a gem that mixes cultural appreciation and style. “It’s a place where you can get a fresh fade or buy some classic records [or] tapes,” said co-owner and head barber Jonathan Guzmán. 

As I sat to interview Jonathan, the vinyl record of “Los Terrícolas”  played in the background. This barbershop and record shop reminded me of someplace I’ve been before, like when our parents used to put two chairs together at the quinceañera so that we can sleep, and that way they didn’t have to leave the party. It was abuelita playing her music as loud as she could while cleaning the house type of feeling. You know, home. 

The barbershop walls are covered with art from local artists. Co-owner Leo Guzmán, or DJ Wero, says he hopes that Del Pueblo can be a place for the youth in the community to find an outlet through music. They currently sell vinyl and throwback cassette tapes at the shop. The collection of music is focused on Spanish-language genres. You can find both records with corridos and a vinyl from Psycho Realm. 

As I was getting my hair cut (you can book an appointment through their Facebook page) it was great to see the interaction they have with the community.  “We want this to become a space where the kids can feel free to express themselves and get fresh. They can come and get the experience of digging for a vinyl and putting the needle on themselves,” DJ Wero said.

Del Pueblo Barbers & Records, 3051 W. Cermak Rd. Monday–Wednesday, Friday–Saturday, 10am–6pm; Thursday 10am–5pm; Sunday 9am–6pm. (708) 631-6720.

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