Photo by Lisa Wieczorek

On Halsted, between 58 and 59th streets, a mural is painted on one of the bridges. On its south side, it reads “I am my community.” It also includes words chosen by the community like hope, community, home, and family, as well as images of children, men, and women who resemble the residents of Englewood. A brand new event space next to the mural hosts farmers’ markets, performances, and community events for everyone in the neighborhood.

The sign used to just say “Englewood,” but it was repainted by the Englewood Arts Collective and members of the community in 2020. I personally like the new sign and feel that it makes the neighborhood more welcoming. The mural also makes me feel a sense of belonging, and that people actually care about Englewood, the arts, and the community. The overpass the mural is located on is part of the long-planned Englewood Trail, a 1.5 mile-long stretch of elevated hiking trails for Englewood and West Englewood. The nature trail will also provide a place where people can feel safe and walk and exercise without having to use the streets to bike. 

Every day that I pass the sign, I am glad to know that there are people who care enough about our community to make it look better, feel better, and be safer.

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