Photo by Lisa Wieczorek

You can smell it a block away: located by 74th and Halsted, Georgia’s Food Depot is one of Chicago’s best soul food restaurants. In business for eight years, Georgia’s is owned by an Englewood resident who was born in Mississippi, but whose family moved her to Illinois when she was only three months old. Every time I have been to this restaurant it is always packed full of friendly patrons always complimenting the delicious aroma of beef short ribs, broasted chicken, smothered chicken, and pork chops with all the sides you can choose from.

Georgia’s offers $6 meals that will have you full and ready to go back over and over again. Plus, living in Englewood you start to notice we do not have many breakfast spots but Georgia offers an a la carte breakfast with so many options, allowing all of us to have good and healthy choices. While writing this article, I rode my scooter to the restaurant and to talk to the owner, Georgia (who didn’t want to share her last name). She remembered me because I go there so often, and having that recognition really means a lot at a place you’re spending your money. The restaurant is also located next to a Black-owned hardware store, a convenience store, and a delicious seafood restaurant. Georgia’s best cooking advice is to learn to make food taste great without salt. Asking the owner her goals, she said she wants to get into catering and to service funeral homes, and that she is looking to hire more workers. So go down to Georgia’s and check out some of the best soul food in Englewood!

Georgia’s Food Depot, 7352 S. Halsted St. Wednesday-Sunday, 11 am-6 pm; closed Monday-Tuesday. (773) 952-8017

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