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Speaking of the taco as an electric power charge, one of my favorite places to get tacos in Gage Park is El Rayo Taco Truck. Summertime Chi provides for some activities that winter does not—like standing for a handsome amount of time to place your order because the line is so extremely long. It was the middle of summer right after the golden hour, people were lined up at 47th and Kedzie to order tacos. You cannot miss the truck despite the brick-and-mortar taco spots around it. El Rayo is lit up with outdoor lights all around its outline. It flaunts the Mexican flag in celebration of Latinx Heritage Month.

After a long day of summer fun, a taco hits exactly right in the belly. The truck displays some enticing dishes on the menu, like steak tacos, burritos, and sopes, decorated with green and red salsa, some cebollitas and chiles toreados. I recommend them all. 

I heard about this taco truck very organically. I was with my mom who had just had food from El Rayo with a neighbor. The neighbor was raving about the tacos they serve. My mom couldn’t wait to show me this spot. She loves cooking at home, so when she said we had to check it out, I knew there must be a reason. She would just not stop talking about it! 

We drive up to 47th and Kedzie. There is a row of cars behind the taco truck and a line of people standing outside. The only suspense I like is the suspense I experience while waiting to get in my taco order. 

The wait is worth it. Flavorful, seasoned perfectly, not to mention the green salsa; it is not watered down to a weak mild spice for uncultured palates. The serving comes with chiles toreados (deliciously charred and sautéed jalapeños sprinkled with salt). It also comes with carrots and broccoli en vinagre. Perfection is the only way to describe the tacos served at El Rayo.

El Rayo Taco Truck. (773) 441-3516

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