“The golden age of thrifting is over,” said a recent article in The New York Times, announcing the end of the era of wearing second-hand clothing also known as the trend of “vintage.” It was seen as a fad.

But for people with limited resources or looking to stretch their budget, the Salvation Army has always been there. Its history and origin dates back to London in 1865 and it became a worldwide charity movement.

Regardless of creed and religion—and in many cases, income—the Salvation Army’s donation centers allow you to donate what no longer serves you, while offering things that you might otherwise not find elsewhere.

In the Clearing location, despite it not being as big as other stores, it’s possible to find pieces of fine art, furniture, and accessories at a good price, even vinyl records and books. One of its best sections is where they have handy kitchen glassware on display. 

You do not have to be “hip” to enter the store as some of the vintage subculture seems to encourage. The best thing is to find people of all ages and backgrounds simply browsing through items that others no longer wanted but that for the customer may be a treasure. And being able to donate and contribute as well.

The Salvation Army Family Store & Donation Center, 6434 W. 63rd St. Monday–Saturday, 11 am–7 pm. 1(800) 728-7825.


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