If you’re a kinky/coily/curly person, you may be all too familiar with the “my hair used to be real long until my mom put that perm in my hair,” or the “my cousin wanted to go to cosmetology school so she died my hair with peroxide” story. Such narratives live deep in the femme cultural canon of South Shore, with it being predominantly a Black neighborhood. As a fair tribute to Madam C.J. Walker, who became America’s first self-made woman millionaire through her invention of Black hair tools and products, most of us would find our kitchens, siblings’ rooms, or living room fold-out chairs to be our first salon—though leaving much ambiance to be desired. Hair salons have historically been important places of storytelling and safety. When thrown into new salons that may deter our original comfort, in the midst of lessons regarding life and hair upkeep, we naturally have so many questions running through our unkempt head. Is this hair stylist “scissor happy?” Is a wash and blowdry included? Do I have to bring my own hair? How long am I gonna have to wait? Taking new chances on new shops and stylists will always be a gamble. This 72nd & Exchange salon is a safe bet, and will crisp any nostril hair with nostalgia and comfort.  

Hair 4 U Salon, a Black woman-owned and run salon, specializes in every hair need or dream. From haircuts to braids, natural styles to permanent care, this crew of women focuses on giving all forms of hair its very best treatment. From cast-iron hand combs and curlers to flavorsome heated flat irons, a bumped end is only a corner away. With advice, empathy and compassion, any head is safe here. Appointment booked and reliable, but walk-in ready, you can find some auntie tunes that make you feel good in the spritzed air. With prices also raising the nostalgia factor, you will find your most traditional treatment, such as a wash, deep conditioning, blow dry, silk press, and split-ends clip, all for $60. A reasonable tip is always given to the ladies who keep us laid—our stylish stuarist of South Shore.

Hair 4 U, 7205 S. Exchange Ave. Tuesday–Friday 9am–7pm, Saturday 8am–5pm. Closed Sunday and Monday. (773) 221-8561

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