Phono Mart owners Chantala Kommanivanh and Mallory McClaire (left to right) Photo by Jason Schumer

Beverly Phono Mart—or BPM, as it’s cleverly referred to (sharing an acronym for “beats per minute”)—has become a beacon of light for an already culturally rich area of the city.

“We want our customers to feel as they would hanging out in our home while they are here. The music, art, books and even the snacks that we offer are a reflection of the things we love and want to share,” says the wife and husband team of Mallory McClaire and Chantala Kommanivahn. The two have created just that: a home away from home. Between the bare brick and the art on the walls, the global snacks, the comfy couches, and the specially curated records, BPM feels like a cool universal space to listen to music and hang out. “In a community like Beverly that can be perceived as being a bit insular, we are proud to provide a space that fosters connections between all cultures, ages and walks of life.”

I’ve known Chantala for close to two decades now, having been in the same scene and run into each other at many concerts, art shows, and various other creative events. He is also a full-time artist and DJ, so he has had his finger on the pulse for many years. Chantala and Mallory, a public programming and operational consultant, hit the ground running upon moving to Beverly.

They believed and invested in themselves, and in turn, we as a neighborhood have gained so much more than just another business. We have gained a thoughtful, safe space where all walks of life are encouraged to just stop by.

“We like to think that we’ve created a hub for interpersonal and cultural exchange,” said Chantala and Mallory. “A place for people to discover new music, be around art and to meet some cool people. We hope that our widespread and varied interests are reflected through the space in a way that signals that all are welcome here.”

Beverly Phono Mart,1808 W. 103rd St. Wednesday–Friday, 12–6pm; Saturday 11am–6pm, and Sunday 11am–4pm. (773) 629-6089.

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