“Trayvon Martin armed himself

with the concrete sidewalk and used it to

smash George Zimmerman’s head,”

—Mark O’Mara, George Zimmerman’s Defense Attorney


concrete: death bed. morgue. casket. ammunition.                                          

black magic is

being able to turn anything into a weapon.

black magic kill you with,

arizona iced tea. skittles. air. toy guns. your cells. cars. the concrete trayvon killed was on.


everything: gun or dagger in hands of a nigger.

don’t matter what we hold.     

Onam Lansana is a high school poet who is the a co- captain of the Rebirth Poetry Ensamble. Rebirth is the number-four ranked poetry team in the world. He is a Louder Than A Bomb Team Champion, a Louder Than A Bomb Indy finalist, A Louder Than A Bomb Chuck D award winner. His work focuses on social issues in today’s society.

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