Unapologetically for everything in print

I am the uppercase sensitive B in your Black.

I am not the death or the plague, I am not
The sheep or the shirt.
I am not the mail, nor the market.

I am the melanin.
I am the majesty.
I am the origin of everything.

Yes, I am the magic;
But not the way you mean it.

I am the melody, the march and the movement.
I am;
The message and the messenger.

I am the Martin and the Malcolm,
The Mandela and the Makeba.

I am the strap molasses,
Thick sweet.

I am the crude oil,
Fuel deep.

I am the coal mined,
Diamond earth.

I am the cargo from ship’s berth.

I am the culmination of all colors
Not the presence of none.

I am hidden figures climbing fences in the moonlight.

Please don’t EVER spell my Black with a lowercase b.
I’m case sensitive like that.

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