A city is a whole despite itself

as the whole of this poem
breaks the page

and the broken page
holds the poem together

A city cannot contain

what its minds cannot contain
and some minds are dark to themselves

as this unlit street
is dark to hide the dark

and everything else
keeps to its glowing windows

Cities and poems
read according to history—

black type, white page
white type, black page—

Which way does it go?

A shoreline rind
holding its bloated segments
by the veiny pith

a poem stuck between the teeth

Walking bodies
floating on shallow skin

A city, a poem

a person shrinking within
leaving enough room to feel
its shriveled edges

Waves break against the shore
swallowing the city whole

Can you hear the page breaking?

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  1. I am a 21 year old castaway from Orlando, Fl. I read the paper,watch the news, and drink Jack Daniels on Sundays! I love life and the people around me. I have a tendency to connect to people on different wavelengths and spectrums. I have a marvelous idea to write a Lifestyle Advice Column!!!! A way to bridge to gap between young adults getting their lives together and ADULTS who ain’t got it together yet. Advice on love,family,maturity,friendship,recipes,politics, and ,spirituality.

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