1. What’s the official state fish of Illinois?
  2. What are the most common species of fish caught in Bubbly Creek?
  3. Lakefront perch fishing is legal year-round in Chicago except for what six-week period?
  4. Which South Side park lagoon consistently produces the Park District’s largest number of fish?
  5. What fish returns to the Lake Michigan shoreline waters from mid-August to October?
  6. What two non-fish species are also covered by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources fishing guidelines?
  7. What South Side fish emporium was honored with a James Beard Award in 2010?
  8. In 2019 Brighton Park resident Paul Burriss caught what rare fish off Chicago’s lakefront?
  9. What controversial fishing technique is legal in Jackson Park harbor from October 1 to December 31?
  10. Asian carp haven’t made it to Lake Michigan yet, but it’s not for lack of trying. What’s the closest they’ve been spotted?
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  1. Bluegill
  2. Carp, channel catfish, and black crappie
  3. May 1-June 15
  4. Marquette Park Lagoon
  5. Lake trout
  6. Common snapping turtles (two allowed per day) and bullfrogs (eight per day)
  7. Calumet Fisheries
  8. A twenty-seven-inch walleye
  9. “Snagging,” or the practice of catching mature salmon with weighted hooks as they return to their spawning grounds to die 
  10. Asian carp have been found in the Chicago River, nine miles from Lake Michigan—and Asian carp DNA has been found in Bubbly Creek.

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