(Alpha Derailed)
We don’t go far to drain the blood from the Ghetto soul.
The innocent a mere footnote instead of a mighty chorus of ‘Go!’
We have forgotten the ghosts of a dreamer’s ambitions.
To go through imagination’s necessity for freedoms overdue.
Struggles hung on negro spirituals past.
The Holy instinct to bring about a rebuttal of segregation’s doubts.
Broken glass mangled inside out in closeted dreams.
Worn out feets stinking and deform on the road of rebirth.
I told ya that those negroes would find… The Dreams’ gates opened!
The brightest moment melted in ancient pigment’s intellectual thrust.
I’se a man full of time scrapping and unearthing biases’ crimes.
What have I done to my future’s dream.
I drove by, conquered, and creamed the competition. I’se now rich heir
to a land that was never mine.
Filled with life less brothas and sistas that never was.

(A Coward’s Bullets)
I’ve broke the civil, the rights, and the hood.
The driving forces of a people’s rolling brook.
Fathers and Mothers grieving for the unrooted seeds of an ancient great peoples.
The shadows of creation eulogizes during the wake of a colored, a nigger, a black and an African American’s ascent into what?

Who? and why the hell? This world collapses into a repressive state mourning the descendants of the world’s beginnings.
The Nile River has dried up in contempt.
Jailing the emotions of historic events.
Answer me, you, African American youths determined to silence the dreams of billions who died.
Who invented, ruled and influenced time herself.
Answer me for now I am awake.
It’s time to put you over my knee.
And whip that ass with historic pride.
Since you failed to answer me with your empty mouths and imprisoned brains.
The answer I proclaim to you will sting this day.

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    1. Nicely done!! I used to write poetry years back, so I can appreciate good poetry when I see it. Good job Claude!

  1. very good I feel people are at the edge and need to hear strong minds ? thanks and keep up the good work!

  2. “It’s time to put you over my knee.
    And whip that ass with historic pride.”

    You killed it on this one Chilly Paws! Very strong deliveries. You have always believed in me no matter what. Great poem!

  3. I cannot say enough good things about Claude Hill. His mindset is one that all us humans should adopt. His rhetoric pushed for the greater in is all no matter what struggle is present. Great and positive words Mr. Hill!

  4. Claude gives a vivid depiction of the plights of the black community in this poem. The use of metaphors and play on words are dynamic and sends chills up your spine, as you spine as he take take s your mind through a journey that it seemingly cannot escape once you start to read…

  5. We have that connection from how we were raised. I am giving you praise because you understand, you the man, 100 Grand. Your words have me faded. I cannot debate it, you are out loud…profound breaking ground. Thank you for sharing, prolific words that spare our subconscious.

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