1. Chicago’s Old Main Post Office was built in 1921 but vastly expanded in 1932 to meet the surge in mail generated by what two Chicago-based businesses?
  2. The Bronzeville Post Office is named after this man, the first African American postmaster of a major postal facility.
  3. A South Side essential worker became the first Chicago postal carrier  to die of COVID-19 in May, shortly after giving birth to her third child. What’s her name?
  4. What celebrated Chicago writer, whose searing midcentury indictments of racism and its impact on young Black men in particular led to his immortalization on a stamp, worked as a letter sorter between 1927 and 1930?
  5. Which far South Side post office—featuring Art Deco lines and a blue-gray brick exterior trimmed in Indiana limestone—was built as part of the New Deal’s Public Works Administration?
  6. The Pilsen post office is named after what famed organizer of farm workers?
  7. Which South Side blues legend (whose Kenwood home was recently preserved and is to be turned into a museum and community center) was honored with a 29-cent stamp in 1994?
  8. According to news reports, at which South Side post office have residents been forced to wait up to three hours in line for mail this summer?
  9. The offices of the American Postal Workers Union Local One are located in what South Side neighborhood? 
  10. The Englewood post office at 611 W. 63rd sits on the site of what alleged house of horrors?




  1. The Sears and Montgomery Ward mail-order catalogs.
  2. Henry Wadsworth McGee Sr.
  3. Unique Clay
  4. Richard Wright
  5. Roseland Station
  6. Cesar Chavez
  7. Muddy Waters
  8. The Auburn post office at 83rd and Ashland
  9. Canaryville, at 4217 S. Halsted
  10. H.H. Holmes’s legendary “murder castle”


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