Seeking Solidarity is a video series that highlights mutual aid groups on the South and West sides of Chicago working in direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Created by Free Spirit Media fellows Alex Ding, Justyn Stanford, and Lily Qi, the series aims to highlight efforts within communities to support each other during the pandemic, as well as to offer information and resources to community members.

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Episode 1, Part I: Brave Space Alliance

Episode 1, Part II: Brave Space Alliance

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Episode 2, Part I: West Side Clean Up

Episode 2, Part II: West Side Clean Up

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Episode 3: IL-CHEP

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Episode 4: CBCAC

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Episode 5, Part I: West Side Mutual Aid

Episode 5, Part II: Jail Support

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Alex Y. Ding is a filmmaker, organizer, and writer based in Chicago. You can find them on IG @alexyding.

Justyn Stanford is an audio engineer, composer, and motion graphics animator from the Southside of Chicago. You can find him on Instagram @ronansphere

Linghua (Lily) Qi is a multimedia journalist based in Chicago. You can find her on Instagram @lily7.qi








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