I can’t relate to hip hop anymore
Instrumentals and old samples
of R&B and Hip Hop songs are haunting

It tells of a time when a man wore his heart
on his sleeve to honor the love of his life

A time when you learned how
to accept heartache and pain

A time when intentions were honest and true

Catchy beats and lyrics
move us to dance our way into a
lifestyle of, “I don’t know how
to value my heart and body,
so I’ll give it to you to value for me”

Self- wrapped into timelines
Self- found through double taps
Purpose found through a virtual “revolution”

We have evolution ourselves
to document everything

We pride ourselves to post our highs,
but secretly die inside about our lows

Take back
Let’s take back our minds, bodies, and spirits

Take back
Let’s take back living intentionally

Take back
To a time where we slow down
A time to reflect
A time to heal

Take back
Our time to read,
To learn,
To get a revelation,
To start a revolution


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