Welcome to the Music Issue

If we said the history of Chicago music was the history of South Side music, would we be exaggerating? Maybe. But not by too much, right?

Welcome to South Side Weekly’s second ever music issue: our humble tribute to the vibrancy, creativity, and intensity of musical expression across the South Side. As you read about Party Noire creating a space of healing for LGBTQ+ people, Noname’s intergenerational block party, or Mictlan Productions opening the doors for the BIPOC alternative scene, you’ll notice the threads connecting the artists and creatives we chose to include are deep ties to the South Side and commitments to building community around music. 

No newspaper could capture it all. But we’ve done our best, with coverage on psychedelic tropical music, Gregorian chants, boom-bap, and everything in between. We’ve packed this issue with exclusive interviews and profiles on artists from South Shore to Garfield Ridge—plus a photo essay on the South Side artists you need to be listening to, and a playlist to show you where to start.

As the nation celebrates the 50th anniversary of hip-hop, we’ve never been prouder to celebrate the music, and the people, that make the South Side what it is. So tune in, listen up, and read on. 

– Jocelyn Martinez-Rosales, Christopher Good

South Side Sounds

We asked DJ Eva Maria to put together a playlist featuring the artists highlighted in this issue, alongside other South Side talent. Take a listen as you flip through the pages by going to bit.ly/ssw-playlist-2023. Eva can be found on Instagram at @evamvriaaa

  1. Energy – Asha Omega
  2. gospel? (feat. $silkMoney, billy woods & STOUT) – Noname
  3. Sunroof Handstand – theMIND, Vooo, femdot.
  4. LIST – Ausar, Deante’ Hitchcock
  5. Soul Tie – Ajani Jones, Core REX, S-O-S
  6. My luv 4 u – Sparklmami, Eddie Burns
  7. What’s My Name – Khaliyah  X
  8. Chaotic – Senite
  9. Head High – Brittney Carter, B.Lin, Joel Q
  10. Trip Sitters Are The Best Friends – Chris Crack
  11. SAGE – Flowurz
  12. Missing Buttons – Cloud Boy, Sidaka, J Wade
  13. Quite Swell – Qari
  14. Uncanny – Daniel Villarreal
  15. Danza De Chivo – Cabeza De Chivo
  16. Paz – Lester Rey, Mila La Morena, Paco Peor
  17. Apple – KAINA
  18. El Pescador – Dos Santos
  19. Palomita Blanca – ESCHICANO, Boi Jeanius
  20. Sagitario – Mila La Morena, CAIRNS
  21. Streetlight – La Rosa Noir
  22. Gastado – blood club

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