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The Undocumented Projects are a group of high school, college students, and non-students with many talents. Our main mission is to foster a supportive community that aids and advocates for undocumented students and people. We spread the importance of DACA as well as school initiatives for undocumented students. We look for subtle projects to resist anti-immigrant ideas, acts, and people.

 Rhonda Wheatley

trauma healer. Repairs damage to physical body brought on by emotional trauma, beginning at the cellular level.

 William Camargo

Black and Brown Love, 2017

Medium Format Film

Undocumented and Unafraid, 2017

Medium Format Film

Armani Howard

Krokodil Dreams, 2013

Acylic, Ink, and Oil Pastel on Canvas

48″ x 36″

Now That You’re Home (FERÐ), 2014

Acrylic, ink, and oil pastel on canvas

48” x 36”

Tight Spaces (Time Out)

Acrylic, Ink, and Oil Pastel on canvas

60” x 60”

Gregory Bae

Shadows of Thought, 2018

Wax, detritus, and urethane on screen

9″ x 13″

Crane Medical Preparatory High School

Sierra Johnson, Bronzeville


24” x 24”

Collage on paper

Leevon Matthews, Englewood

Breaking The System of Beauty

36” x 48”

Oil on canvas

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