Ain’t No Fish in the Percolator

Maria's serves some damn good coffee

Paul Durica congratulates the winner of the “Twin Peaks” costume contest. BEA MALSKY.

Paul Durica congratulates the winner of the “Twin Peaks” costume contest. BEA MALSKY.

This weekend, Maria’s was overcome with nineties nostalgia as the Bridgeport community bar hosted a crowd of clairvoyant detectives, agoraphobic orchid growers, Hawaiian-shirted shrinks, and log-cradling ladies. The “Twin Peaks” costume party, hosted by UofC creative writing professor and Chicago history buff Paul Durica, was both a celebration of the cult TV show and a fundraiser for Durica’s Pocket Guide to Hell tours. While Durica has primarily made his name by hosting fictionalized reenactments of historic events, he took the opposite tact on Sunday, recasting the fictional murder of Laura Palmer—”Twin Peaks’s” femme fatale—as a historic event. The event at Maria’s was advertised as the twenty-fifth anniversary of her murder and a commemoration of her life. Donuts and coffee were served in honor of Special Agent Dale Cooper, the show’s protagonist and breakfast food aficionado. The bar also served a special “FireWalker” cocktail in honor of the TV series’ widely-panned cinematic sequel, “Fire Walk With Me.” The event also included a “Bookhouse Boys” trivia event and costume contest, for which this reporter won third place and a Maria’s T-shirt. It was a beautiful night.

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