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Westworkd’s Style

An interview with Diontae Davis

Diontae Davis

Diontae Davis, a nineteen-year-old Hyde Park native, is the man behind Westworkd, a fashion blog and Instagram account documenting young African-American people around Chicago. He met with the Weekly to talk about Westworkd’s origins, his inspirations, and the importance of history in his work. Davis has style himself—he came to our interview carrying a vintage gym bag and wearing a hat, tortoise shell glasses, and multiple sweaters. Davis had requested a space with no people, because he is, in his words, “pure. I talk really loud.” Well, when you have something to say, as Davis does, you may as well shout it. Continue reading


ChiArts Migrates North

The consequences of the school's move to Ukranian Village

Emily St. Marie

A prestigious arts high school where students endure four years of intensive training and teenage angst—where the trials of adolescence may just be punctuated with song and dance numbers—may seem a little fantastical. But for the nearly 570 students at Chicago High School for the Arts (ChiArts), performing arts high school is a reality. And for younger students who aspire to a career in the arts, admission to ChiArts’ top-tier programs in writing, dance, music, theater, or visual arts is the first step to achieving their dreams.  Continue reading