Best of the South Side 2015 | Chinatown

Best of Chinatown 2015

Kiran Misra

The Goldilocks of American Chinatowns, Chicago’s Chinatown is not the biggest in the country, nor is it the smallest. Here, new and old blend together—old village dialects aren’t heard quite as frequently as Cantonese and Mandarin, but survive nonetheless. Historic buildings like the Pui Tak center stand shoulder to shoulder with new restaurants and bustling souvenir stores.

Education | Hyde Park

A Fresh Milieu

The Hyde Park Orthogenic and Day Schools expand their classes

The last thing these kids need is perpendicular walls. So our walls have a lot of curves, there’s a real effort on not being rigid,” said Timothy Shannon, chief development officer at the University of Chicago Hyde Park Day School and the Sonia Shankman Orthogenic School. Continue reading

Hyde Park | Visual Arts

Gendered Bodies

"Resisterectomy" at the Gray Center



The white walls and stark layout of  “Resisterectomy” at the Gray Center have an almost clinical feel. Patrons move from one display to another in reverent silence, and there is a sense of eerie calm. Transparent mastectomy reports hang from the ceiling, with medical jargon studded through the blocks of diagnostic statements. To the left, an ethereal recording of a man and a woman in hospital gowns flickers on a television screen wrapped in fabric. Around the room are transcripts of emails and blog posts, mounted on paper-thin decals or screens. The central focus of the exhibit, however, is an eight-minute video playing on loop in the far left corner, split-screened between a man and a women, the two artists, identically clad in black T-shirts and talking against a white background.  Continue reading