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United in Cultura

Contratiempo and Gozamos join forces in Pilsen

Lexi Drexelius

When I entered Cultura, an arts and community space on the corner of 19th and Carpenter in Pilsen, it was a quiet Friday afternoon. Just a block from Pilsen’s busy 18th Street, the snowy intersection was mostly devoid of cars and pedestrians. Inside, Cultura’s main room was also calm. The black stage against the front window was empty, and the white walls of the room were dotted with only a few works of art. Continue reading


Remembering Jane Byrne

Exploring the legacy of a Chicago politician

Though Jane Byrne can claim the title of Chicago’s first and only female mayor, she might be remembered most for defeating the well-oiled Democratic machine in the primary of 1979, something that seemed unthinkable until a blizzard offered her a hand in putting together a coalition dissatisfied with the status quo.  Continue reading