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The Full Range of Beauty

Pullmanite Arthur Melville Pearson on George Fell and Illinois conservation history

When it comes to the telling of a life, there are things that our surroundings know more than we will ever do. Arthur Melville Pearson, a conservationist, pays clear attention to this in Force of Nature, his biography about George Fell, the founder of the natural areas movement. This post-World War II movement initiated enhanced communication and collaboration among people concerned with the protection and study of natural areas and natural diversity. Through Pearson’s attention to place, the story of this obscure conservationist figure is told with the conviction that the inextricable force of nature drove all of his endeavors.


Producing Dialogue

Artists open up Produce Model Gallery in Pilsen

All photos courtesy of Produce Model Gallery

Open on the corner of 19th Street and Morgan, Produce Model Gallery is ready to speak back to its neighbors. Artists Javier Bosques and Maggie Crowley bought the gallery space in early 2016, and debuted its inaugural exhibition, “FRUIT,” on July 23. Originally a laundromat, the artists have kept the original signage in order to preserve its history in the neighborhood.