Bringing House Home

Chicago’s 2018 House Music Festival celebrated its roots in the city’s Black, brown, and LGBTQ communities

Katie Hill

For over thirty years, the style of music known as house has been thumping four-on-the-floor rhythms throughout its native Chicago. Though it has become a worldwide sound, changing with each new piece of equipment and every scene that adopts its trademarks, Chicago always seems to know how to honor house’s rich legacy—and remains ahead of the curve.


Too Main Stage For the Underground

Green Velvet’s Sound-Bar set disappoints

Lizzie Smith

Does a DJ have a responsibility to play the material he pioneered and honor the scene he came from? Or is their responsibility simply to please a crowd? If it’s the latter, is the obligation only to provide what the crowd, venue, and promoters want to hear? And what happens when all of this goes unchallenged for an entire evening?