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The Renaissance Society welcomes a new century by demolishing its last

mathias poledna, substance, 2014 35mm color film with optical sound, 6:40 min 35mm frame enlargement courtesy of the artist and galerie buchholz, cologne / berlin; galerie meyer kainer, vienna; richard telles fine art, los angeles

The Renaissance Society has been breaking boundaries since it opened in 1915.

Visual Arts

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"Technologic" at CAD

Sammie Spector

Walking into the Chicago Art Department (CAD) in Pilsen last weekend, I was greeted by a thrum of activity in the back room of the gallery. Along with the low buzz of visitors munching on pizza came beeps from a strange, boxy machine that held everyone’s attention. The Saturday workshop focused on 3D printing and its uses for artistic endeavors. CAD had hosted workshops over the course of the week as part of their most recent exhibition, “Technologic,” curated by Chuck Przybyl. The day was filled with new realms to be discovered, realms I had never even thought to be curious about. Tom Burtonwood’s 3D printer workshop was the first stop in an exhibit that featured works by numerous other artists who use technology to create. Continue reading