Two-Headed Monster

Chris Crack and Vic Spencer Put Their Heads Together

Mike Centeno

Something about Chris $pencer sounds familiar, but it’s hard to put a finger on exactly what.

Visual Arts

Crossed Wires

Josh Rios explores the role of language in Mexican-American identity

Jasmin Liang

“Now, a generation later, I’m wondering if I’m ‘authentic’ because I can’t speak the language but still identify as Mexican-American”

Police | Politics

Jahmal Cole Speaks Out

The nephew of Bettie Jones, accidentally killed by the CPD on Christmas Day, on police violence

Ian Moore

Last January, the South Side Weekly interviewed Jahmal Cole, an energetic community member and activist, who founded My Block, My Hood, My City, an organization that enables adolescent mentorship. Last week, Cole’s aunt, Bettie Jones, a mother of five, was accidentally shot by a Chicago police officer. In this interview, the Weekly talked with Cole about what this tragedy and the calls for an end to unjustified police violence mean for him, his family, the teens he works with, and the city.


From Prison Yard to Table

A10 buys locally, and purposefully, through the Cook County Prison

I am seated at Matthias Merges’s favorite table in A10, a relatively recent addition to Hyde Park. The decor is tasteful and clean, filled with crystalline glass and warm colors. The space is mostly empty, yet buzzing with espresso machines and blenders as the staff preps for the busy Friday dinner rush, when the restaurant will be filled with diners largely oblivious to the local origins of their meals—the Cook County Jail.

Visual Arts

The Space Between

Gabriel Sierra constructs ‘neutral zones’ at the Renaissance Society

Sammie Spector

“A number of people have mentioned to us that they don’t normally like exhibitions where you have to ‘do’ something, but that they really got into trying out his instructions. I think that there is a certain humor to them that makes them a bit more palatable.” – Anna Searle Jones


The History of the Potato Chip

Leonard Japp's popular creation has deep roots in Chicago history

Ellie Mejia

Even though the factory has gone from the South Side, the name lives on through oral histories, good smells, and the Snyder’s online ordering site.


Making the Most

The past, present, and future of Thaddeus Tukes

Courtesy of Thaddeus Tukes

I never considered myself a rapper or a musician by profession. But jazz, jazz is everything,” says South Side native Thaddeus Tukes of his musical career so far. In only his early twenties, Tukes is working to make a name for himself through crafty rapping and a classical background. Continue reading