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An American Suburb, 2018

Stories and photos from Dolton, Illinois

The freight train frequently pass through Riverdale and Dolton, usually stopping for more than two hours at a time, barricading families with a timely journeys . The Robison are halted from getting home on the Riverdale side of the track. They pass the time by doing homework and color in their notebook while they wait. It's become common to wait long period of time in Dolton, and people are frustrated. They frequently hop over the tracks to get home. (Photo by Sebastián Hidalgo for Better Government Association and Chicago Public Media)

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Chicago Youth Work to Increase the Peace

Photos from the last Increase the Peace campout of the summer

Children from the Back of Yards neighborhood take turns trying to hit a piñata as it rises and falls, pulled by a string controlled by Increase the Peace youth leaders. (Sebastián Hidalgo)

Weekly photographer Sebastián Hidalgo attended the last Increase the Peace campout—youth-led anti-violence demonstrations across the South Side—of the summer. On August 4, dozens gathered outside of St. Michael’s Church in Back of the Yards for games, music, and food to celebrate the community center’s reopening after over ten years.

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Family On Four Wheels

Pilsen’s Slow & Low: Community Lowrider Festival is back, and it’s bigger than ever

Sebastián Hidalgo

This year’s sixth annual Slow & Low: Community Lowrider Festival drew thousands to Pilsen on Sunday, August 6. Lowriders—customized classic vehicles that drive low to the ground—originated in Los Angeles, but here in Chicago they come with a lifestyle devoted to family and community.

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Mole de Mayo

Photographs from the annual street festival in Pilsen

Sebastián Hidalgo

Eighteenth Street Development Corporation’s (ESDC) eighth annual Mole de Mayo Festival was held from Friday, May 26 to Sunday, May 28, in Pilsen. With Lucha Libre matches, live music, authentic Mexican cuisine, and clothing and jewelry vendors, the weekend-long festival offered a glimpse into Mexican culture above and beyond “Mucho Mole!” for residents all throughout Chicago.