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Mole de Mayo

Photographs from the annual street festival in Pilsen

Sebastián Hidalgo

Eighteenth Street Development Corporation’s (ESDC) eighth annual Mole de Mayo Festival was held from Friday, May 26 to Sunday, May 28, in Pilsen. With Lucha Libre matches, live music, authentic Mexican cuisine, and clothing and jewelry vendors, the weekend-long festival offered a glimpse into Mexican culture above and beyond “Mucho Mole!” for residents all throughout Chicago.

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Isolated Building Studies

Photography by David Schalliol

David Schalliol’s series of Isolated Building Studies, which he started in 2006, hopes to draw attention to new ways of seeing the common impact of divergent investment processes on urban communities. When their neighboring buildings are missing, Schalliol says in his introduction to the series, a tension emerges: the urban form clashes with the seemingly suburban, even rural setting. Thoughtfully engaging the landscape requires further investigation to resolve this tension: Why is this building isolated? It is from this friction that he says the series, which now comprises hundreds of individual studies, launches. More of David’s work is available at