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SSW Radio: Anti-Racism, DIY DADS Art, and More

Karen Ziech and Derrick Dawson of CROAR (Jason Schumer)

This week on SSW Radio, we spoke with anti-racism organizers, self-described “nerdy” DIY art space coordinators, heard a brief South Side ghost story, and considered parallels between Black activism of the 1960s and today

Interviews | Radio

SSW Radio: Modern Love

To celebrate Valentine's Day, SSW Radio produced a mini "Modern Love" inspired interview series.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, SSW Radio produced a mini “Modern Love” inspired interview series. These short stories about unconventional love on the South Side of Chicago range from middle schoolers to couples in their 40th year of marriage, and discussion about love found in cafes and activist organizations.


SSW Radio Episode 3: Inside the Youth/Police Project

In Episode 3 of SSW Radio, Lewis Page interviews Chaclyn Hunt of the Youth/Police Project. Once a week, a group of students, lawyers, law students, and academics meet with a media production class at Hyde Park Academy to talk about policing. They call this the Youth/Police project. This isn’t an activist organization, though. Their mission is a little harder to describe.


South Side Weekly Radio Episode 2: RaceMan, Rapper Chick

In episode two of SSW Radio, Lowell “RaceMan” Thompson, who was born in Bronzeville in 1947 and became one of the first residents of the Robert Taylor Homes, discusses his past as a rare black face in the advertising industry. Angel Davanport, hip-hop musician of the Skigh Mob and Rapper Chicks collectives, talks about her unorthodox musical background and the glass ceiling for women in hip-hop.