Nature | Nature Issue 2017 | Visual Arts

Art In Nature

“Gathering Spaces” along the path of the Burnham Wildlife Corridor

La Ronda Parakata (Luke Sironski-White)

As part of an artistic initiative to bring more aesthetic life into the Burnham Wildlife Corridor, a series of “Gathering Spaces” were recently introduced into the long stretch of park. These five spaces— “Sankofa for the Earth,” “Sounding Bronzeville,” “Caracol,” “La Ronda Paraketa,” and “Set in Stone”—offer refuge for those who find themselves tired along their travels. An attractive getaway from the already serene landscape that envelops them, each Gathering Space has its own important backstory that connects to its creation, material, and neighborhood. Spread out between the three neighborhoods of Bronzeville, Chinatown, and Pilsen, the five Gathering Spaces were created by organizations located in their respective communities.


Unique Finds

A thrift store chain provides interesting treasures for reasonable prices

Margaret Glazier

If you’re looking for a bit of “thriftspiration,” the thrift store chain Unique, owned by the Savers thrift store brand, offers high-quality, lightly-used wares (or “treasures,” as Unique employees call them) for low prices. Among the racks and shelves of donated items is a chance to find something truly distinctive. A mug made to look like a rat, a wonderful nightgown you didn’t even know you wanted, or a hat that says “You’re Grape” are just a few examples of the great finds that can make a trip to Unique so special. There are three locations on Chicago’s South Side, in Gage Park, Bridgeport, and McKinley Park, two of which are a short walk from the Orange Line.