Kevins Hamburger Heaven. Photo by Gerri Fernandez.

Perfect for creatures of the night, this old-school diner has been serving the Bridgeport and Canaryville community with “The One and Only” hamburger since 1988. Open twenty-four hours, Kevin’s serves it up hot. 

Round-the-clock diners like Kevin’s are a dying breed—but it’s a treasure to have a place to eat and enjoy company at any time of the night with a hardworking staff. It’s almost like being inside Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks. It’s nothing fancy, just American classics hot off the grill: coffee, steak and eggs, ham and hash browns, omelets, double bacon cheeseburgers with grilled onions and fresh fries—burgers and breakfast anytime of the night and at an affordable price.

Kevin’s Hamburger Heaven. 554 W. Pershing Rd. Monday–Sunday, open 24 hours. (773) 924-5771.

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  1. I used to always eat at Kevin’s Hamburger Heaven, everytime I was in that area, Food was always good & hot, staff was nice and prices were reasonable, can’t wait to visit again.??

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