Photo by Emily Soto

As a staple to many McKinley Park residents, this corner store has been standing for generations. The beautiful building has brick and fencing that makes it truly stand out. For over twenty years, this mom-and-pop shop has all the snacks, drinks, and additional treats on a budget. The store’s layout brings you back to your childhood, if you went to the nearby schools, like Everett Elementary School on 34th and Bell. Neighbors make a pit stop during afternoon and early evening walks to pick up a drink or snacks to end the stroll. At night, the store has bright and coordinated lights that feel like you’re watching a light show performance. 

For generations, this store has been embedded in many childhoods. I remember following my sister after school to pick up juice boxes with her quarters. These tiny moments mark special memories during my time at Everett. It is also my earliest memories of my sister buying me snacks and walking home together. Growing up, I would see a tiny mob, wearing blue sweatpants with golden print, rushing to this corner store. It’s funny to see the same sight now. Some things never change thanks to timeless stores like this. It’s incredible, yet sad, to know this is the last standing corner store on the north store of Archer in the neighborhood. (Jocelyn Vega)

Oakley Foods, 3300 S. Oakley Ave. Monday–Saturday, 9am–9pm; Sunday, 9am–7pm. (773) 523-3945

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