Photo by Luz Magdaleno Flores

Where the hood and the taco meet.

The La Quebrada building is decorated with red and yellow suns all around its walls. The best part though, are the windows advertising the food specials. One of them is the $5.99 breakfast special. 

This restaurant does not disappoint. I’ve had countless meals and coffee here with my family and neighbors in Gage Park.

It also has a parking lot! In one of the corners of the restaurant, there is a placard with the saying, “Somewhere in the Hood.” La Quebrada “gets” the neighborhood of Gage Park. 

La Quebrada tacos are straightforward, flavorful, tender. The salsa de molcajete is warm, like the tomatoes and jalapeños were just taken off the boiling water and placed on the comal. The tacos here taste like they were truly homemade.

Their food and drink menu is endless. They serve individual tacos to parrilladas – a small, table size grill filled to the rim with seafood and meats. The parrilladas come with a side of tortillas, arroz and frijoles

My favorite is the carne asada taco and al pastor taco with cilantro and cebolla. I always add a little lime with the warm freshly-made salsa. Excuse me, *brb*, driving to La Quebrada as I’m typing this.

La Quebrada Restaurant, 5100 S. California Ave. Sunday–Thursday, 8:30am–9pm; Friday–Saturday, 8:30am–10pm. (773) 737-4575.

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