OMEGA Delta Youth Baseball League Inc., located at Hoyne Park, has supported generations of families and young people growing into their greatest potential through sportsmanship and leadership. Originally, there were only two teams, but now OMEGA Delta hosts twenty-five, and mentors over 300 youth per year. Youth come from nearby neighborhoods and from previous generations of OMEGA Delta players. Teams range as young as T-Ball to eighteen-year-olds. Since 2006, you can hear crowds cheering young people from the stands and lawn chairs dotting the baseball diamond field lines. 

However, during the pandemic, there were many challenges that the world faced. This year marks a full come back, and the league is stronger than ever. Thanks to the leadership of Daniel “Danny” Gaichas, and a group team of dedicated group parents and coaches, the league survived COVID-19. Danny was also my softball coach when I was a teen and figuring myself out. His motivational power would inspire my team to try again after losing games or improving our technique. Danny would also push us to keep excelling in school and finding more mentors in school and as peers. He was a positive role model that helped me build a support system in middle and high school. I continue to see Danny work with generations of youth over a decade later. It’s hilarious to now hear him on a speaker officially narrating games versus him blowing his vocal chords across the field.    

Nearly each weekend this past summer, you’ll see dozens of uniformed children running across the playground, chasing grounders, and a baseball game taking place. In the background, there is a beautiful blend of youth, across generations, mentoring one another and being positive role models. The league also gained enough support to purchase an official score that upgraded the games to professional levels. For many young people, this league is their sense of pride that is built with community and across families. On September 3rd, OMEGA Delta hosted its annual award ceremony and recognized the growth and success of teams and their families. The megaphone echoed Hoyne avenue with many cheers and many youth hugging their trophies.

OMEGA Delta Baseball, 3417 S. Hamilton Ave. See season schedule for hours. (312) 661-4733

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