Merrill Park, located on Merrill Avenue, is part of a site donated to the city from previous industrial developers, including George Merill, for whom the street is named after. It is equipped with a spacious playset with an evergreen paint finish to add to the natural feel that most public parks in South Deering exude. It also provides a baseball field, a basketball court, and even a spray pool for the children of Jeffery Manor that prefer to run through water rather than be in a full body of it. With the park space around it, Merrill Park is perfect for families to have outdoor outings and to spend time with family off of technology. 

Pine Park is a quaint park that sits on 95th and Oglesby. Per its name, this playground is forest themed and its equipment features trees and other wildlife-esque decorations to contribute to the motif. Take your little scavengers and wildlife explorers to this park for a fun time. 

Bradley Park is the gem of Yates. It got its name in 1989 after community activist Josephine Bradley. Starting as a small community park, Bradley Park was renovated in 2014. This transformed the park, installing a new playground set, a beautifully renovated field house, and a high-quality basketball court. At the center of Jeffery Manor, many community events (pre-pandemic) were hosted here, like Chicago Parks Movie Nights and basketball tournaments. 

Trumbull Park has a newer playground in South Deering, installed through the Chicago Plays! initiative between 2013 and 2016. This addition to the community brought a new playset and South Deering’s first outdoor public pool. This park is more accessible for South Deering residents that live closer to the 100s and is perfect for a hot sunny day. A great trip for the whole family or residents who would like to take their own personal swim. 

Luella Park is another park in South Deering convenient to residents in the 100s who don’t want to travel far to bring their children to outdoor fun. This playground holds two simple playsets equipped with slides and pathways that keep the little ones on their feet and exercised. Make sure to let them know to hold on as the monkey bars may get slippery in the summertime. If they fall, the playset is equipped with soft surface ground, so their fall will be light and easy. Luella Park also has multiple basketball courts where open court and basketball tournaments are held. This park is great for the little daredevils and athletes living amidst South Deering.

Merrill Park,  2154 E. 97th St. Monday–Saturday, 6am–9pm; Sunday, 6am–11pm. (312) 747-6759.
Pine Park, 9501 S. Oglesby Ave. 6am–9pm. (312) 747-6022.
Bradley Park, 9729 S.Yates Ave. 6am–11pm. (312) 747-6022.
Trumbull Park, 2400 E. 105th St. 6am–11pm. (312) 747-6759.
Luella Park, 10021 S. Luella Ave. 6am–11pm. (312) 747-6759.

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