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Walking down the busy commercial strip of 26th Street, it is easy to spot what seems like endless opportunities to shop. Yet I belong to a generation that is acutely aware of the damages of climate change and the ways in which fast fashion impacts the environment. This is why I am always on the lookout for secondhand items to fill my closet, and the Village Discount on 26th and Pulaski is an excellent choice for me. 

This Village Discount is one of the largest thrift stores in Chicagoland. They have a lot to choose from and great deals and prices. The store is well-organized and always has new items in stock, with extensive sections for all ages and sizes. They also have half-off everything on holidays, three-for-$1 color tags on Sundays, and three tag colors are half off every day! Walking in is alway an adventure because I feel like there’s forever more to discover.

Beyond the adventure, I always appreciate the helpful staff, who seem to have an endless supply of clothing, records, books, dishes, and knick knacks for those who, like myself, also like to collect small ceramic objects and other vintage items. 

Another reason why I love to shop here is because it is mostly people from the community: mothers and their children, young people, elders, and working professionals. I love seeing how Black people from North Lawndale are now coming to shop here. As an Afro-Mexican, it is always a beautiful sight to see both of my backgrounds coming together to experience this wonderful place where I always feel I can find something unique, affordable and fashionable.

I think about ninety percent of my wardrobe comes from this store and I also think I dress pretty well. I’ve shopped here as long as I can remember and it’s only gotten better!

Village Discount Outlet Store #9, 4020 W. 26th St. Monday–Saturday, 9am–9pm; Sunday 10am–6pm. (708) 388-4772.

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  1. I couldn’t have said it better I love the village thrift store, I’m in there almost everyday they never fail to have just what I need

  2. I moved but I always come back Iv always found great stuff there I love it I found myself a fur coat there two years ago it the most amazing place to shop

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